SWECO Pavement Consultants, specialists in pavement consultancy; develop and manufacture Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWD) – PRIMAX and PRIMA 100. Additionally, we offer an Asset and Pavement Management System – RoSy®, providing clients with pavement maintenance strategies that for optimized allocation of funds and resources available.

SWECO Pavement Consultants

SWECO Pavement Consultants is part of the consultancy engineering company Grontmij A/S. Our expertise comprises Pavement and Asset Mangement, Falling Weight Deflectometers, pavement consultancy, strategic maintenance of road and airfield pavements, research work and client consultancy.


An Asset and Pavement Management System applied in more than 20 countries and in Europe alone the system is implemented in more than 500 end-users.

Falling Weight Deflectometers

Unique equipment for bearing capacity measurements and advanced evaluation processes on road and airfield pavements. Our range of falling weight deflectometers is internationally known under the names of PRIMAX and PRIMA100. The equipment is in operation in more than 65 countries worldwide.

Consultancy Services

In our consultancy work we use falling weight deflectometers in combination with other sorts of equipment such as radar, profiler and our software RoSy®. This provides our customers with high-quality data and a reliable basis to make the right strategic decisions with regard to maintenance and construction work.


  • Pavement technology
  • Pavement evaluation
  • Asset and pavement management
  • IT and GIS
  • Condition surveys
  • Surveying/measuring equipment
  • Training, education and institution
  • building
  • Tendering and contract management
  • Strategic maintenance
  • PPP and BOT