ARRB Group is a world leading provider of value-added research, consulting and technology addressing transport infrastructure issues. Formerly the ‘Australia Road Research Board,’ ARRB Group was formed in 1960 and is owned by the federal and state government road agencies of Australia and is a not-for-profit entity.


ARRB’s capabilities cover the full spectrum of road transport operations including:

  • materials, pavement and concrete design and testing
  • transport policy, operations and economics
  • infrastructure asset management
  • bridge management and evaluation
  • equipment manufacture and data collection services
  • safe systems
  • traffic engineering and road design
  • heavy vehicle testing and simulation
  • parking
  • impacts of climate change
  • land transport resources and information
  • knowledge transfer and capability.


ARRB has a proud history of developing and manufacturing high quality pavement monitoring equipment and has been successfully supplying commercial road survey since the early 1980’s. ARRB Group’s equipment and services are externally accredited to ISO 9001 and are enhanced by our certified laboratories status.


Our customers include international aid agencies, national governments, state road authorities, local governments, major construction firms, and transport and mining companies. Customers benefit from our multi-disciplinary pool of highly qualified and experienced research professionals, engineers, and specialist technical and support staff.


ARRB’s profiling equipment meets all common international standards and has a proven record of performance and longevity under extreme conditions, all across the world.  Our range of Hawkeye products includes many features and benefits not available in systems from other providers.

ARRB Group Ltd’s ongoing research and product development programs ensure that our customers and partners have access to the world’s leading solutions incorporating the very latest technologies.